The purpose of a permit is to assure safe construction, thus protecting public health, safety and welfare. The permit process allows code officials to reduce the hazards of unsafe construction. The process ensures that minimum standards are being met and appropriate materials are used. Most construction or remodeling projects - large or small - require a permit. A quick check with the Permit Officer at the municipal building can verify this and save you a possible headache in the future.

The permit process also provides the information that is necessary to comply with the zoning regulations of the community. The zoning regulations pertain to the use of land and to the position of a structure on that land. These zoning regulations also protect you and your property rights by allowing you to predict what will be built next to you and how close it will be to your property.

Please see the links below for frequently asked questions pertaining to popular permits. For complete details, please contact the township Zoning Officer at 724-285-1168.

Common Permits

Car Ports

A car port is a structure to house or protect motor vehicles, which is open to the weather on one side requires a $35.00 permit .

Decks and Porches

All decks and porches require a permit and Municipal Code Association inspection and fees apply.

Houses, Modular and Mobile Homes

The permit fee  for a home is  $85.00 and Municipal Code Association inspection and fees apply.  The specifications of the home, Certificate of Liability Insurance of the contractor and location of the home on the property must be submitted with the permit application.


No inspections are required for garages under 1,000 square feet.

Garages over 1,000 square feet require Municipal Code Association inspections and fees apply.

All attached garages require Municipal Codes Association inspections and fees apply. 

Garages under 200 square feet permit fee is $35.00.  

Garages over 200 square feet permit fee is $85.00.


 A small, portable (non-permanent) accessory structure used to store household goods, tools, and/or equipment.  A shed may not be used as a dwelling. 


Sheds under 100 square feet do not require zoning permit. Sheds over 100 square feet requires a $35.00 zoning permit.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools require a  $85.00 permit and Municipal Code Association inspection and fees apply.

Driveway Specifications

 A $75.00 permit is required for all new driveways as well as alterations to existing driveways. The Roadmaster will complete an initial and final inspection of the project.  

Driveway Diagram (pdf)