Building/Zoning Permits

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The purpose of the building permit is to assure safe construction, thus protecting public health, safety and welfare. The permit process allows code officials to reduce the hazards of unsafe construction. The process ensures that minimum standards are being met and appropriate materials are used. Most construction or remodeling projects - large or small - require a township building permit. A quick check with the Permit Officer at the municipal building can verify this and save you a possible headache in the future.

Permits are required for all new driveways as well as alterations to existing driveways. These permits can also be obtained from the Permit Officer.

The permit process also provides the information that is necessary to comply with the zoning regulations of the community. The zoning regulations pertain to the use of land and to the position of a structure on that land. These zoning regulations also protect you and your property rights by allowing you to predict what will be built next to you and how close it will be to your property.

Septic Permits

A permit is required for the installation, alteration or repair of all on-lot sewage disposal systems. Summit Township administers sewage enforcement through an independent Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO) (see webpage Officials and Departments) are issued and complaints are investigated by contacting the Summit Township Office.  


It is unlawful for the owner of any dog or dogs to allow or permit such dog or dogs to run at large in the township. Please contact the township dog law officer (under Officials & Departments) to report a dog wondering on township roads or private property.   


It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to scatter, dump or deposit garbage upon or along any public highway or land situated in Summit Township. Violators are subject to a fine of up to $300.00. 


Recycling bins are available to all residents and can be picked up at the township building at no charge. Limit two per address. 

New Signs

All new signs constructed and/or raised in the township require a permit and approval from the Planning Commission. Permits are issued by contacting the Summit Township Office. 


The township is not responsible for damage to mailboxes caused by snowplows, since mailboxes are erected in the township right of way at the property owner’s risk. To avoid problems, the supervisors suggest that mailboxes be placed as far off the road as possible yet still permitting access by the mail carriers.  

Driveway Permits

Permits are required for all new driveways as well as alterations to existing driveways. These permits can be obtained from the permit officer.  

Swimming Pools

A permit is required to install a swimming pool. In-ground pools must have a four (4) foot fence completely surrounding it. Portable pools must have access ladders which may be raised and locked in a near vertical position when the pool is unattended. Please contact the permit officer for more information.